Are you trying to figure out what’s wrong with your Dell laptop?

This troubleshooting page will help you identify common issues and offer variable solutions to save your Dell laptop instead of scrapping it.

The screen is not working accurately.

If the display of the laptop appears completely black, flickers, or is discolored then the following things can help you:

Backlight Is Off Or Does Not Work

  • If you are only able to see faint images on your display, your backlight may not be turned on or broken and is in need of replacement. Go to control panel to check whether the backlight is on.
  • If the screen is entirely black or white With Colored Lines, then it is possible that your screen is broken and is in need of replacement. Try plugging in an external monitor to your system and then press F1 to toggle screens. If your device display works for the external monitor, then its own display needs to be replaced.

Discolored Or Flickering Images

If your screen is likely to flicker or has lines of unresponsive pixels then any of the following problems could exist:

  • The display has gone defective and needs to be replaced.
  • The cables that connect the motherboard and the display are loose.
  • The graphics chipset on the motherboard has issues.

Resolving Laptop Issues

Keyboard issue

If the keyboard does not respond or does not work correctly it may be due to the following reasons:

Although this problem is rare if the keyboard does not work at all it is likely that the keyboard cable came loose or disconnected. If this is the case, ensure the cable is correctly connected.

Trackpad Is Unresponsive

  • Due to dirt: If the laptop is dirty around the touchpad, an accumulation of dirt could be creating the problem in touchpad. You need to clean the trackpad with ammonia-based cleaner or any other screen cleaner. Once you are done with cleansing, reboot your laptop to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Touchpad Disabled: The touchpad may have been accidentally disabled. To turn it on, go to “Device Manager” and find “Mice and other pointing devices” there you will see the option of “Dell touchpad.” Select this and ensure the touchpad is enabled. If “Dell touchpad” is not there then you need to install the driver by going to Dell Drivers

Laptop Is Overheating

If your laptop is facing the heating issue and shutting down because of overheating this may due to:

  • If your Laptop ventilation is blocked: Most of the people while using their laptop forget that their fans are at the bottom. Using the laptop on a bed or similar surface will often cause the issue of overheating. To resolve this problem, all you need is move to a more suitable surface use a laptop cooling pad.
  • Air Vent Appears To Be Blocked: In this state it is most likely that your laptop is overheating because of dust or other particles in your fan, creating it to work at a diminished rate.
  • Heat Sink or Fan Failure: Overheating issue may also be caused due to the broken fan of your laptop or if the heat sink is not accurately drawing out heat. In this case, it is preferable to replace the entire fan or the heat sink.


So, if you face any such issues in your Dell Laptop follow what is described above and get the problem resolved. Feel free to contact Dell Support Number NZ for any query Dell Support.