How to Fix Dell Laptop Battery not Recognized Error?

Suddenly when your Dell Laptop fails to identify the Battery and laptop only works when connected to AC supply. The battery is showing 100% charge but will not run the laptop. A message is being displayed saying “Warning: the battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge the battery.” If you are receiving such messages with your Dell System, you need to either perform some of the troubleshooting steps mentioned or directly get in touch with Dell Technical Support service provider. Before you begin with the troubleshooting steps you must try few of the things as indicated below:

  • Check if the battery works in another laptop of the same model
  • Clean the battery as dust particles and impurities can also be the cause of Dell Laptop Battery not being recognized
  • You can also try another battery if it works fine then surely the earlier battery is at fault and need to be replaced


An Indication that will see when this message is popped up:

  • As you won’t be able to turn on your Dell Laptop without connecting to the adapter, i.e., charger
  • When you turn on the laptop by plugging in the adapter your charger indicator on your laptop blink with the color which is not of charging
  • Before you are booting you will see the message such as Dell Warning The battery cannot be identified. The system is not able to charge the battery. And asked to strike the F1 key to continue and F2 to run the setup utility
  • On striking the F1 key windows will boot. After you see windows home screen check fir the batter icon at the right bottom of the screen you will notice that the charger is plugged in but not the charging message.
  • In case you have come across such signs then you are at the right place to know the fixes

Steps to troubleshoot the error message of Dell Battery not recognized error:

Step 1: Turn off the Laptop, remove the adapter and replace the battery with the new one. As most of the time, this step will solve the problem

Step 2: Try charging with another adapter. Sometime adapter will be the culprit

Step 3: You can also check the BIOS if it is corrupted or not

Second Method: In case the above steps are not helpful you can follow the steps of the following method

Step 1: Start your laptop with the battery only and continue to use even with the warning message

Step 2: Discharge the battery completely

Step 3: Reboot the laptop completely; system will warn you of the low battery-to press f1

Step 4: You must Press F1 key and plug in the adapter

Step 5: Warning message should no longer appear

With the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps for fixing, the Dell Laptop error message battery not recognized you are facing some issues during the fixing you can call the customer support toll-free number. You can also connect with the technicians via live chat process. Feel free to communicate with our skilled, capable and experienced technicians to get the error fixed immediately and instantly.