How to fix Dell Laptop facing a Disk Read Error Occurred?

While working on your Dell Laptop, you receive an error message along with a crash. Might be you are hoping for the message that will point toward the cause and then it needs to be appropriately resolved. But it is not the case every time as the message can be generic and the fix isn’t exactly the straightforward as a clear place to start troubleshooting. There might seem to be many errors you could encounter with your Dell Laptop system that sounds straightforward but lead to the same problem; the error message isn’t accurate enough for you to make a precise decision on what to do next about the issue.

When you are facing some issues with the Dell Laptop after trying some odd things happening such as CD-R failing burn and computer starting to respond very slow. You can shut down for a while, and when you booted it again, you got error messages saying:”A disk error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.”

Symptoms of the occurred error can be the error occurred on the black screen without any identifiable error code. Pressing the ctrl+alt+del keys will restart and boot in the same error screen.


The reason behind the error is incorrect or invalid MBR configuration, improperly configured partition table, faulty hard drive, IDE cables, bad RAM memory; issues can be the bad BIOS version.

Causes of the Error can be:

  • Incorrect or invalid MBR configuration
  • Mis-configured partition table

Follow the different Methods to solve Dell Laptop Disk Read Error

Method 1: Use of Easy Recovery Essentials you can fix many errors as it is available for Windows and can be downloaded and created on any PC

Step 1: Download the Easy Recovery Essential for your Windows be it Vista, 7 or 8.

Step 2: Burn the image by following the instruction on how to burn the bootable ISO image very carefully as making bootable CD can sometime be tricky

Step 3: Boot up your PC from Easy Recovery Essential CD or USB you created

Step 4: Once the Easy Recover Essential is created you need to choose automated repair and click on continue

Step 5: Once the EasyRE scan your computer drivers, identify and select the drive letter for your Windows Installation from the list click on automated repair button to begin.

Step 6: Easy Recovery Essential start analyzing the selected drive for the facing problems

Step 7: Once the process is complete Easy RE will report its findings and click on Restart button to reboot the PC and test changes

Step 8: The disk read error occurred should now be fixed as your PC begins to load

Method 2: Check for the RAM Memory

In case you lately added new RAM memory to your computer you can try steps to fix the issues:

Step 1: Remove the RAM modules you have recently added

Step 2: Leave only one single module

Step 3: Restart the computer

Method 3: Check hard disk cables

In case of error is caused by damaged hard disk cables try any of the following tips to fix the error:

Step 1: Need to try a different port for the SATA/IDE cables

Step 2: In case you are having more than 1HDD, leave only the HDD with Windows installed and test the multiple SATA/IDE ports and cables

  • The error occurred when the SATA/IDE cables are damaged
  • SATA/IDE ports of your hard disk itself

In case the HDD cables and ports have not damaged the issue can also be with the hard disk itself. Method 4: Reset or Upgrade BIOS

In some cases, a disk error occurred can be fixed by either reverting BIOS to default settings or upgrade BIOS to latest version available for your Dell system

Method 5: Run a chkdsk

To chkdsk utility for hard drives integrity and can attempt to fix various files system errors

Step 1: Insert the Windows XP CD and boot from it

Step 2: At the Windows Option screen you need to press R to open the Recovery console

Step 3: At the command prompt type the chkdsk command such as chkdsk C: /r

Step 4: Press enter

Step 5: Restart the PC system

If following the blog doesn’t help you in resolving the Dell Laptop Disk Read Error Occurred you can connect to technicians. Here our qualified, skilled and capable tech experts are available to assist you in every possible manner to get rid of technical failure and have smooth running Dell Laptop with you. With no delay it is getting the error fixed to get immediately connected to our Dell Customer Support NZ support providers. Feel free to communicate with the expert team any hour of day and night.