How to Fix the Dell Printer Paper Jam issues when printing?

We are living in a tech age where we entirely depend on technology and electronic machines. Laptop, mobile phones, printers, scanners, desktop all play their essential role. Hi-technology based gadgets are used in daily life. With their role in human life, the lifestyle of an individual has become easy and smooth running. When it comes to technical issues with the machines which sometimes make us irritated such as while using Dell Printer you face issues with a paper jam. With no doubt, Dell Printers are manufactured with latest and advanced features and help you in your improved work performance with best results. Therefore it also advised that using hi-quality performance giving Dell printers as well.

Sometimes when the user is facing issue with the machine which can now be solved under the guidance of qualified, skilled and capable technicians. Issues which can occur with Dell Printer such as paper jam when you are printing something important. Paper jam faced by Dell Printer is one of the most frustrating problems among all others. Paper jam is due to low-quality paper, and these may create issues while making printouts. Sometimes it can be with the rollers in the printer or improper alignment of paper.

Dell Printer Paper Jam issues

Follow the steps to resolve the paper jam issues with the Dell Printer:

Step 1: You need to turn off the Dell Printer and unplug the printer from the A/C outlet.

Step 2: Open the printer and check for the paper path for paper jam or misfeed. For paper path diagrams you can locate the diagram in the printer manual, for additional information on accessing the printer manual refer to online office website in section downloading and viewing printer manual section

Step 3: When the paper which is printer seems to be crumpled or waded up, you need to carefully remove all the jammed paper from the machine.

Step 4: When the paper appears to be angled incorrectly, it may be due to misfeeding through printer, remove the sheet of paper. Hence you need to remove the paper stock and reinsert the paper and make sure the paper guides are adjusted accurately and carefully.

Step 5: Now you can close the cover of the printer

Step 6: Plug the printer into the A/C Outlet

Step 7: Turn on the Dell Printer back on by plugging to the main power supply while connecting to the PC or desktop or Laptop

Step 8: Resend the print job for printing the paper.

In case you are failing in getting the printer issues resolved you can connect to our tech support team. Work with the skilled technicians who will assist you in every possible manner with polite manner as well. With no hesitation you can call to Dell Technical Support Phone Number as the customer support service is available 24*7 hour of day and night to assist you. Therefore you can connect anytime when required to get the occurred issues fixed and have smooth running Dell Printer machine with you. Feel free to avail support from our technical expert team and start your work again.