How to Repair Dell Laptop Adapter?

One of the most common issues with the Laptop Adapter is that when the charger is connected but it does not charge the battery. Therefore you need to get in touch service center to Repair Dell Laptop Adapter. Another second most common problem which you can come across is broken power cord. Sometime the laptop battery might be the reason for the occurrence of technical failure and shows that it is charger problem.

When the power supplying source of machine dies, in that case, it will show error, but the actual fault is with the adapter as the battery can be charged to other AC adapter. Dell Laptop Adapter is used to charge the laptop source of power supply. To check whether the Dell Laptop Adapter is working fine or not you must also check for the voltage how much it is supplying if the issues are with the proper electrical energy power it is the adapter circuit that needs to be replaced with the new one. It is advised to substitute the charger with the brand new if it is unable to be repaired.


Steps to Fix Dell Laptop Adapter technical issues:

Dell Laptop Adapter Repair

Step 1: In case of frayed charger cable, it is advised to inspect the power supply end for spots that you can cut off the connector insulation without damaging the wires.

Step 2: cut off the insulation off the connector using wire cutters, scissors, and sharp knife

Step 3: when you look inside the cable connector there will be two wire. Use sharp knife to cut the cord and free from the plastic coating

Step 4: Inspect the wires and determine if there are enough of strands that can solder together to make secure and reliable connection

Step 5: Press tightly to make connection tight and not leaving any thread fraying outward

Step 6: Solder the old or new cable together hence, making sure that fuse flows a little past the damaged area

Step 7: Now it is required to open the Sugru pack remove the material and press it around the connector to make the new one.

Assistance for Dell Adapter Support via Tech Experts

Call for Dell Laptop Power supplying component when not working fine. Communicate with our tech engineers via dialing our toll-free number or have interaction via live chat. You are all time free to get in touch with our efficient and capable professionals any hour of day and night. Connecting directly to a phone is the best and recommended from our end to have immediate support for fixing the adapter technical issues.