How to Repair Dell Overheating Issue?

Dell Laptops are the most powerful and compact devices than any other brand designed with latest technology and techniques. For the increased performance of the CPU, transistors are densely packed with chips. In case of parallel, slimmer cases pack an ever-increasing number of processor and strong graphics card. All these sorts of changes cause excess heat and hence overheating of the device is being faced by you. A sure sign that Dell Laptop is getting too hot is when the fan is off your machine is always running at its maximum speed. You can also experience reduced performance because of CPU cuts back clock speed to escape heat pressure. To Repair Dell Overheating Issue you either need to follow the blog steps or communicate with our tech experts. Potential reasons for the cause of excess heat include the dust blocking intake grills or exhaust ports, clogged up fan, or degenerated thermal grease between the heat sink and CPU.

Repair Dell Overheating Issue

Steps to fix Dell Overheating Issues:

Step 1: Unplug the device from the main power supply

Step 2: Remove the battery and back cover from the laptop

Step 3: Unscrew the laptop by placing it upside down

Step 4: Remove the cooling unit

Step 5: You need to remove the dust from the unit such as fan, exhaust, port or elsewhere

Step 6: Fix thermal grease: remove the old lubricant from in between the heat sink and CPU you should be gentle and take your time with intriguing different angles and with no rush

Step 7: Apply new thermal grease with tiny blob on CPU and GPU and do not place any heat exchanger as well

Step 8: Replace the Dell Laptop unit and close the Fan power Case, replace the heat exchanger and tighten with a screw to keep it secure in place.

Step 9: Turn the device by assembling the Dell laptop and restart to check whether the issues resolved or still exist.

 Immediate Aid at Dell Laptop Support

In case you were not able to fix the Dell Laptop Overheating issue you can connect with our qualified, skilled and experienced technicians by Dialing 098015144. You can easily avail Dell Support Assist any hour of day and night to get the overheating issues with the device to be fixed. Communicate with our tech engineers via live chat or drop an email to our email id address. With instant revert, you can solve the technical issues with Dell Laptop.