How to Repair or Replacement Dell Motherboard?

When you are having any adverse experience or faces any sudden breakdown of your laptop or have faced any blue screen on your device.  The error might or not be related to Dell Laptop Motherboard. For Repair or Replacement, Dell Motherboard either follow-up the blog steps or get linked with our experienced technicians. The Motherboard is the central part of the computer system as it is providing underlying hardware structure which allows all the other available elements from microprocessor chip to additional drive storage to interact smoothly and efficiently. Dell Technical Support is the right place for your motherboard issues to be fixed instantly and immediately. The Logic board if not able to repair as it is recommended to replace it so that you have smooth working machine. Some of the common symptoms when the logic board is faulty so that it will be easy for you repair the specific component.

  • Computer does not boot up
  • Random system crashes such as error messages
  • Peripheral stopped working
  • Computer is not recognizing plugged in peripherals
  • Motherboard doesn’t POST

Repair or Replacement Dell Motherboard

Steps to fix Dell Motherboard Tech issues:

Step 1: Unplug the power supply or remove the cable from the main electrical supply

Step 2: Remove the battery by turning it upside down

Step 3: Remove the central control cover by unscrewing

Step 4: By inserting the flat spudger into slot from right side of central control cover and pry it up carefully

Step 5: Remove the ribbon cable entirely by peeling the silver tape

Step 6: Remove the keyboard by taking it off from its place

Step 7: Lift the ribbon cable by disconnecting the base

Step 8: Remove the hard drive tray out of the Laptop

Step 9: Remove the optical driver by unscrewing the Optical drive straight from the laptop

Step 10: You need to remove the bottom cover very carefully

Step 11: Disconnect the five antennas as displayed assembly and de-route the antenna from routing retainers

Step 12: Remove the screw securing to the bottom case half

Step 13: Remove the connector by pushing the camera connector out of its socket

Step 14: Push the antennas wires again via hole

Step 15: disconnect the flat LCD monitor

step 16: Remove the securing screws from the display

Step 17: Remove the upper case gently

Step 18: After removing all screw remove the express card cage

Step 19: After unscrewing the screws lift the heat sink and clean

Step 20:  Disconnect the fan cable connector by pulling it towards the fan spudger

Step 21: Remove the Motherboard out of the lower case and replace it with new one

Communicate to Dell Support Center via Dial toll-free Number

You can connect to Dell Support Technicians any hour of day and night as tech engineers are available 24*7. With the assistance of qualified tech experts, you can quickly get the Motherboard issues fixed. Feel free to get in touch with quality support by Dialing 098015144 for Dell hard disk repair.