How to Replace or Repair a Broken Dell Screen?

When a Dell Laptop or PC screen is damaged or cracked, you need technical assistance. Fall of a laptop from table or bed or hit by a ball is when the Dell Screen is cracked or broken. Whether it is broken screen or too many blown pixels on the laptop display hence, it stops you from your daily routine task. With the help of right tools and a little bit of technical knowledge, you can smoothly get your Dell Laptop Screen Repair or Replace. In the following described blog steps are mentioned if you are thinking of repairing it on your own or want to replace it. Depending on the Dell laptop model or PC you can fix or replace the hardware specific, and steps may also vary. In case you don’t want to repair the screen on your own then you can easily connect with certified, skilled, and capable technicians.

In case you have chosen to do the replacement on your own then the thing you need to have before you begin includes:

  • Flat table or working area which is not messed up
  • Small-head or middle-sized magnetic Philips screwdriver head
  • Safety pin or needle is needed
  • Plastic putty knife for aid in prying apart screen bezel
  • Bowl or plate for storing small screen and keep safe

Replace or Repair a Broken Dell Screen

Steps to fix Dell Laptop Broken Screen:

Step 1: Disconnect the power supply of the Dell Laptop or PC

Step 2: Take off the screws which are hidden around the sticker on screen bezel

Step 3: Now remove the exposed screw with the screw driver

Step 4: Take off the Laptop Screen bezel away carefully

Step 5: Next you need to do is remove the broken LCD panel of the Dell Laptop

Step 6: Installing off the New LCD Panel on your Dell Laptop

Step 7: Now must check new installed LCD Panel and reinstall the Bezel

Step 8: Start the Dell Laptop and check for any other blown pixel

For quick Assistance Call on Dell Customer Support NZ

Fixes will be done smoothly and efficiently if you are following the blog steps correctly. With no more delay when you found the Dell Laptop Screen is broken or the display is not working fine you can communicate with our tech support specialist. To get in touch with our qualified practiced and experienced technicians you only need to dial our toll-free number 098015144 which is available around-the-clock to assist. You can also have live chat with Dell Support NZ , or you can also drop an email to our customer support email id address.