The Dell long tradition of building diagnostic indicators into their system that are helpful in diagnose and resolving the issues if you are facing any. If the display is not visible but the computer might experience or emits beeps during the start up there is an error which requires your attention.

  1. 3 means that are the three beeps and three beeps and endless looping until you press the power button to shut down the system.
  2. The delay in between the each beep is 300ms. The delay between the each set is beeped 3sec and beep sound last for 300ms.
  3. After each beep and each set of beep the BIOS must be detected. In case you press the power button and BIOS jump out from looping and execute the normal shutdown process and power system

In case your Laptop starts beeping eight times and that too over and over again when you are trying to boot it up and it doesn’t actually boot it up into OS. When there is error with your laptop screen or graphics processor. The problem can be caused by multitude of different things all of which have to do with an affected laptop screen. Other common causes of the Dell Laptop Error Codes include poorly seated or loose connection between laptop motherboard and its screen, fault processor and fault graphics processor. In the following are the methods that can used to determine whether or not laptop screen is causing the issues although the methods are in many cases also double as solutions to the issues.

fix Dell Laptop beep sound

Method 1: With the Power button +D on Boot

Step 1: Press the Laptop power button to begin booting up

Step 2: as soon as the laptop start to boot up press and hold the D key

Step 3: Release the D button once you see some color flashing all over laptop screen. The screen is diagnostic test designed specifically for laptop

Step 4: In case the color is flashed across the laptop screen completely without any breaks the problem is almost with the graphics processor

Step 5: If the diagnostics displays any problem with the screen then the fault is with the laptop screen or between the screen and motherboard.

Step 6: If the method solved your problem then the Dell Laptop Error Beep Codes will vanish and system will boot up as usual and normal

Method 2:  Power button + Fn key on boot

Step 1: Power on your Dell Laptop

Step 2: You need to release the Fn key once you see the Dell logo on screen with text saying “Diagnostics boot selected” in corner

Step 3: The LCD test will begin following the screen. The test is for the laptop screen independently of graphics processor so if your screen performs at optimum values in LCD test, the graphics processor is most probably the fault here. Sometime the test may fix the issues and if it does the Dell Laptop Error Beeps problem will be solved and system will boot up successfully.

The above-mentioned methods described and listed will turn out to be unsuccessful for fixing the issues with the possible solutions. Faulty is the laptop screen or the device graphic processor our Dell Technical Support NZ skilled, experienced and practiced technicians will help you in resolving the issues at the earliest. With no delay in getting the issues resolved, you can have immediate and instant support for resolving the Dell Laptop beep error code.